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Development Advantage

Linyi enjoyed a nationally renowned development model-Linyi Model.

Linyi Model refers to Linyi City of Shandong Province adhering to emancipate its mind, firmly seizes development opportunities, makes full use of existing conditions to unceasingly creates new development advantages. The main features include that "the promising government, the active main private sectors, the initiation of big market, the big cities (central urban areas) served as driver, driven by the industrial clusters, and the strong promotion of culture". Linyi's transformation into industrialization, urbanization and marketization is successfully achieved.

A former old revolutionary base area known as Yimeng Mountain Area, and as an underdeveloped area in economic and social development, Linyi was in an inferior status in the competition for regional advantages. Seven of the 13 counties were listed as national poverty-stricken counties in 1984. Linyi was once listed as national 18 contiguous poverty-stricken areas. The "Linyi Model" appeared under this background.

The "Linyi Model" gathered the characteristics of the government's strong intervention and capital addition of "Southern Jiangsu Model", and the "Large Market with Small Commodity Plus Private Operated" of "Wenzhou Model". Together with the "Wenzhou Model", "Southern Jiangsu Model" and "Zhujiang Model", the four major development models are called in China's transformation period, becoming the development models with characteristics in northern regions, underdeveloped regions and China's old revolutionary base areas.

The rapid development of Linyi was benefited from many achievements.

The Promising Government. Linyi's party and government have made achievements in science, especially in leading the construction of large cities and logistics markets. It is embodied in the enterprising spirit of innovation, the art of degree of regulation and control, the system of transcendence over things, and the good ecology of focusing on joint drawing of a blueprint. Successive party and government leaders, continuing to perform one great plan till the end, worked one after another, forming a political ecology of cooperation, mutual support, mutual appreciation and mutual promotion in an all-around way.

Main force of Private Sector. Studying the figures of economy of Linyi's development, the private economy in Linyi is found to be about 80%. In other words, the private economy in Linyi's development is "Eight in Ten". The added value of Linyi's private economy accounted for 75.5% of the GDP in 2009, and the tax revenue of private economy accounted for 80.8% of the national and local tax revenue. In 2009, the city's private industries above designated size accounted for 88.5% of the added value of the industry; private investment accounts for 80% of the designated scale investment. Private enterprises become the main driving force for social and economic growth. Among private enterprises, Zhou Liankui who used to be a butcher is the chairman of Gongs Group, which the total assets are nearly RMB 8.6 billion, realizing sales revenue of RMB 30.6 billion and profits and taxes of RMB 1.8 billion in 2009. Wang Tingjiang who used to be a floor cart puller is the chairman of Jiangquan Group, which, in 2019, the sales revenue is RMB 17.2 billion, reaching the total volume of import and export trade to USD 324 million.

The Initiation of Big Market. Linyi logistics city is a key to understand Linyi Mode. Linyi's development started from the market, from the roadside stalls in the 1980s to the wholesale city and to the mall, and then to the logistics city after over 20 years of development. Active promotion of the transformation and upgrading of the market and the transformation of management methods. The commercial trade is in rapid development. All kinds of market transactions across the city reached RMB 101.725 billion in 2009. There are over 80 specialized wholesale markets in Linyi, with a total business area of more than 8 million square meters. There are over 30,000 brand series of commodities listed on the market every day, with 300,000 people engaged in service around the market and 400,000 engaged in processing. Commodity trading covers more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country and is exported to more than 10 countries and regions.

Driven by Big Cities. Driven by megalopolis, it is the most magnificent chapter in Linyi's 2500-year history as 9 counties of Linyi are mostly be agricultural counties with weak driving force. The implementation of driven by ultra-conventional megalopolis has become the representative of Linyi model. The urbanization level increased from 32.9% in 2002 to 46.4% in 2009. The average urbanization level of Linyi grew by 2 personage points per year, creating a demand of up to RMB 28 billion per year. According to the plan, the urbanization level will reach over 60% by 2020, which means that the urbanization level of Linyi will increase by 2.1 personage points per year, driving the average annual growth of final consumption by 3.4 percentage points.

Driven by Industrial Clusters. Another feature of Linyi's development Model is its cluster economy. Linyi people realized it is not a long-term plan by a single commercial industry support, the development path should turn to comprehensive industry support.  The first thing to get rid of the original orientation of "Buy from the Whole Country, Sell to the Whole Country" in the big market, and develop to the direction of "Trade City+Production Base+Industry". Providing preferential conditions through the establishment parks such as Lanshan Industrial Park, to attract powerful business households or factories to enter and be stationed in, thus stretching the industrial chain of commerce and trade. Liu Tongguang, who used to operate lamps in the large market, worked in Linyi Tianma Light Co.,Ltd., and established a factory with NVC Lighting in Foshan, Guangdong Province through joint venture. The output value in the same year reached RMB 130 million. Linyi, with no large enterprises, could only develop through group developing of several or even dozens of enterprises. Linyi's development in industrial clusters is rapidly. There are 40 industrial clusters with operating income of over RMB 500 million across the city, including 7 industrial clusters with operating income of over RMB 10 billion.

Strong Promotion of Culture. Linyi is a place where cultural activities are extremely active. Over the years, people's hearts are condensed and the influence is expanded by carrying out large-scale series activities such as Yimeng Spirit Exhibition in Beijing, the Yimeng Spirit and the Theoretical Seminar on Building a Well-off Society in an All-round Way, the trip to the old revolutionary base areas in Yimeng, Shandong, China, and the opening up of the Yimeng Spirit Education Base. Behind the economy is culture, and the core of culture is spirit. The proposal of "Yimeng Spirit" is an important measure to promote the regional spirit and build Linyi's cultural soft power. In conclusion, carrying forward "Yimeng Spirit" is a Linyi's foundation of development of cultural city.

City Profile

Ancient cultural city, old revolutionary base area

·The city, with a history of over 2,500 years, is the birthplace of Sun Tzu On The Art of War and Sun Bin's Art of War, and is the living place of Zhuge Liang, Wang Xizhi, and Yan Zhenqing.

·The Wartime Work Promotion Committee of Shandong where Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation fought and worked, emerged a large number of leading figures such as Yimeng, the Red Sister-in-law, and the Six Sisters, etc.

A city rich in resources, a tourist resort

·Eight characteristic bases and two dominant industries of vegetables and fruits, rich in mineral resources, 78 kinds of minerals have been found and their reserves have been proven.

·There are a number of scenic spots and historical sites such as Mengshan, a national 5A tourist attraction, and a 3,800-meter-long natural reclining Buddha in Junan.

·The city's forest coverage rate is 35.6%, and the green coverage rate of the urban completed area is 42.1%.

Trade city, ecological water city

·There are 134 existing specialized wholesale markets are, covering the whole country. The products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions.

·There are 19 existing logistics parks with more than 2,000 distribution lines.

·The 48 square kilometers water surface forms water city landscape of "six rivers run through, the city is surrounded by water".

The hub city, which is convenient for transportation

·Railway fortresses. Yanshi Railway and Jiaoxin Railway form a cross. Convenient expressway. Five expressways encircle the urban area, about 100 kilometers away from the three major ports and 150 kilometers away from Qingdao Port. Twenty-eight international and domestic air routes have been opened

Industry Foundation

(I) Advanced Equipment Manufacturing

High-end equipment industry products in Linyi involve construction machinery, agricultural equipment, automobile, numerical control machine tools, and special equipment, etc. Among them, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and garden machinery have greater influence in the international and domestic markets, with the domestic market shares of loaders and excavators reaching 19% and 9% respectively. Garden plant protection machinery products have a market share of over 60%. There are 42 construction machinery enterprises and 34 supporting enterprises. Famous enterprises include Lingong Machinery, Strong Construction Machinery, Volvo, Liugong Machinery and Kate Heavy Industry. They mainly produce loaders, excavators, road rollers, crushers and mixers. There are 23 transportation equipment enterprises (automobile manufacturing industry), 18 supporting enterprises and 5 high-end agricultural machinery equipment enterprises, all of which are enterprises of complete machine production. The county-level characteristic industrial clusters such as hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, automobile spare parts, bearings, hardware tools, intelligent water meters, agricultural machinery, garden machinery, plank material machinery, brick-making machinery, etc. have formed a considerable scale.

(II) Modern Efficient Agriculture and Food Processing

There are nearly 700 leading agricultural industrialization enterprises above the municipal level of Linyi, including 4 enterprises at the national level, 64 enterprises at the provincial level and 632 enterprises at the municipal level. There are 32 provincial standardization bases in agriculture across the city, 64 municipal modern agricultural standard parks and 10 agricultural demonstration parks of ecological cycle

- There are 1,600 newly registered agricultural cooperatives and 1,700 newly registered family farms. Lanling National Agricultural Park, Linyi National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Junan National Agricultural Science and Technology Park and other national information platforms is in good operation state. Zhujialin in Yinan County has become the only state-level rural comprehensive construction pilot in the province.

(III) New Materials

There are more than 500 new materials industry enterprises above the designated scale in Linyi, mainly including new metal materials, new food materials, new ceramic materials, new building materials and new chemical

materials, and electronic information materials. Among them, Luzhou Bio-chem is the enterprise with the largest scale of starch biological sugar production, and highest market share as well as the highest export trade volume in the industry. The output of Xanthan Gum in Fufeng, Junan tops all over the world. Dongyue Building Materials has an annual output of 300,000 cubic meters of wall materials, the largest scale in China. Glass fiber series products of Shandong Fiberglass are ranked fourth in the same industry in China, and the capacity of medium-alkali glass fiber ranks first in China, occupying 40% of the domestic market share. The annual series of products of Hongyi Technology rank first in the same industry in China.

(IV) Building Materials

The existing brand enterprises in Linyi include Yizhou Group, Zhonglian Cement, Shanshui Cement, Shandong Fiberglass, Tianyuan Construction and Licheng Group. Tianyuan and Guanlu are among the forefront of buildings in Shandong Province. The main products of building materials industry include cement, building ceramics, glass, stone and gypsum. Luozhuang District is an important production base of building ceramics in China, Pingyi County is the hometown of granite and stone in China, and Yinan County is the capital of silica sand in China.

(V) Medical Care and Health

There are a total of 1976 medical and health institutions in Linyi. Basic medical and health services, and characteristic service of traditional Chinese medicine cover all rural and urban residents. Health courses in the City

continue to develop and health quality of residents continues to improve. There are 76 nursing institutions integrating medical care and provide for the aged, 356 day care centers for the elderly in communities, 1,266 rural happiness homes, and 12,349 home care service information platforms, covering 12 counties and districts. A service system for the aged, which is home-based and community-based, institution-supplemented, integrating medical and nursing, is basically established.

(VI) Cultural Tourism

Linyi received 73.435 million tourists in 2018, with a total tourism consumption of RMB 78.29 billion. A 600-kilometer tourist market covering the four major regions of the province, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Henan, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the Yangtze River Delta has been formed. It has established a six-block tourism product system of "Green Yimeng, Red Customs, with Civil and Military Skills, Geological Wonders, and Hot Spring for Health Preservation in Water City and Commercial City".

(VII) Modern Commercial Logistics

There are nearly 800 kinds of commodity trading markets in Linyi, 101 specialized wholesale markets in Linyi Mall, with passenger flow volume of 300,000 person-times and more than 60,000 brands, with a volume of business of RMB 268.7 billion in 2014. There are over 4,000 small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises have been developed, with 27,000 independent online retail e-commerce businesses and about RMB 15 billion of e-commerce trading volume.

The total logistics volume of Linyi reached RMB 2,125.6 billion, with more than 2,700 logistics enterprises and operators, including 340 logistics enterprises above designated scale, 219 enterprises with a main revenue of more than RMB 10 million and 97 enterprises with a revenue of more than RMB 100 million. There are 29 logistics parks across the city. There are 15 national logistics parks and enterprises above Grade 2A, and 11 municipal logistics parks and enterprises above Grade 2 (the only 5-star logistics enterprise in the province is located in our city), ranking first in the province and in all cities respectively. The logistics network covers more than 1,800 county towns across the country: network reaching almost all ports and passes in the country; for daily freight distribution to all parts of the country, there are 8,000 carrier vehicles, the logistics cost is 25% -30% lower than the national average.

(VIII) High-end Chemical Industry

Linyi City currently enjoys brand enterprises such as Kingenta, Stanley, Kim Yimeng, and Shikefeng, as well as National Enterprise Technical Center, and National Slow and Controlled Release Fertilizers-Engineering Technology Research Center, including chemical fertilizer coalification, petrochemical, biochemical, and salt chemical. It is the national high-quality compound fertilizer production base, accounting for more than 25% of the national output in compound fertilizer.

(IX) Information and Communication Technology

Linyi City has formed an information manufacturing product system software and information service products mainly focused on electronic components, semiconductor lighting (LED) equipment, magnetic and electronic materials, etc., covering the fields of e-government, medical treatment, transportation, energy and communication industry control, etc. Two industrial development platforms, namely, the national Linyi High-tech Industrial Development Zone and the national Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone have been formed. There are more than 90 various information enterprises and 20 backbone enterprises above designated scale in the hi-tech zone. Relying on the Sino-Indian (International) Software Park in Southern Shandong, Huawei Big Data Center and Linyi ZOL Software Industry Base in Xincheng of Jike Science and Technology, the Software Park of the Economic and Technological Development Zone has a rapidly development, with more than 80 various information enterprises.

(X) Modern Finance

Linyi is striving to develop modern financial service industry, mainly including related industries such as financing and investment, savings, credit settlement, stockholder jobbery, commercial insurance, guarantee and financial information consulting services. The banking, securities and insurance organization system and the financial supervision and management system have been initially established. The emerging financial formats, taking small loans, private financing and financing guarantee companies as the main body, are in rapid development. A number of large and well-known enterprise groups have set up their regional headquarters in Linyi. The financial service industry includes banks, securities, trust and insurance. Finance and insurance include Central Bank, Commercial Bank, other banks, credit cooperatives, Trust and Investment Industry, Securities Brokerage and Trading Industry, other non-bank financial and insurance industry, etc.

Development Direction

Financial Building Materials

Building Materials

Following the trend of green development, innovative development, scale development and high-end development, striving to advance technological progress, integration of information technology and industrialization, energy conservation and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization to promote the intensive processing of building materials industry and industrial cluster development. Development of intelligent decision-making and control applications such as process upgrading, intelligent scheduling, process control optimization, energy consumption optimization based on big data analysis in building materials industry, stepping up development, application, and construction of new technologies.

Modern Finance

Well-known large enterprises are introduced, a modern financial system with banking industry as the leader, securities and insurance industry as the support, trust, fund and emerging financial formats as the auxiliary to attract more capital flows to our city; in combination with the advantages of our city's developed commercial logistics, innovating the design and payment methods of financial products to realize the integration development of modern service industries with great potential, such as outsourcing of modern financial services, and management services for logistics and supply chain. At the same time, relying on the modern financial service industry, enterprise settlement centers are introduced to push forward the landing of enterprise marketing headquarters, trade headquarters and financial headquarters, contributing to the development of the real economy.

Communication Logistics

Information and Communication Technology

Relying on the park cluster, improved by the industrial chain, supported by construction, taking large-scale and powerful enterprises and the cultivation of existing enterprises as the main body, promoting the large-scale and high-end development of the electronic information manufacturing industry, software industry and information service industry. Advancing the ecological development of "Internet Plus" in microelectronics, new display of sensor virtual reality, high-end storage, artificial intelligence basic software, quantum computing, cloud computing, big data, smart city information, and security geographic information.

Modern Commercial Logistics

Focusing on accelerating the construction of "Mall internationalization", attracting well-known leading enterprises at home and abroad, putting emphasis on integration, expansion and promotion to strive to improve the professional market construction level, operation management level and influence, and step up Linyi mall's transformation to coordinated development of domestic trade and foreign trade while adhering to domestic trade. Advancing the integration development of trade and logistics industry. Relying on key logistics parks and leading logistics enterprises, striving to develop third-party logistics and cold-chain logistics to improve less-than-carload logistics, and building an important node for the development of modern logistics industry at home and abroad and a city with logistics park layout.


Cultural Agriculture Medical Care

Modern efficient agriculture and food processing

Structural reforms on the supply side of agriculture are further advanced, striving to foster new types of agricultural operators, continuous improvement of the mechanism of interest connection, speeding up the cultivation of new technologies, new formats, and new industries, promoting the "Reconstruction of Three Chains", namely, addition of industrial chains, multiplication of value chains and interlinking of supply chains, and strive to build a new system of modern industries that integrates development of modern agriculture with secondary and tertiary industries.

Cultural Tourism

Relying on rich cultural tourism resources, giving full play to the advantages of the commercial and trade industries, the stratage of "Developing the City Through Tourism" is further implemented. Focusing on the construction of tourist gathering areas such as small towns with tourism characteristics in tourist resort areas, improvement of the brand image of "Yimeng Family", accelerating the construction of a new pattern of co-construction and sharing tourism development in the city through resource integration and industrial integration, and building Linyi into a national comprehensive tourism destination and an international tourism destination city with certain influence.

Medical Care and Health

Taking the interaction between "Health Cause and Health Industry" as the core and the integration development of "Health Plus" as the driver, accelerating the application of new technologies in hygiene and health fields, and cultivation of new formats and derive new industries. Focusing on the positioning of developing the medical care and health industry of "Resort Filled with Oxygen on Mountain and Spa Resort, Livable City" striving to develop the five major formats of service for the aged, health care tourism, traditional Chinese medicine health care and health products trade.

Equipment material chemical industry

Advanced equipment manufacturing

Targeting the market demand of the countries along the "the Belt and Road Initiative" route, full utilization of the "Golden Signboard" of the national hydraulic components and system industry gathering place pilot, and active introduction of core component manufacturers in automobile and construction machinery hydraulic parts engines. Adhering to the combination of large-scale and high-end, the combination of complete machine development and components and parts supporting, taking the improvement of industrial concentration as the core, striving to develop supporting components industries such as automobile, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, numerical control machine tools, precision casting, hydraulic components, and creating a high-end equipment and supporting industrial base that ranks in the forefront across the country.

New Materials

Based on the foundation of industrial development, relying on the advantages of mineral resources, taking the construction of innovation platform as the carrier, the research and development of key and core technologies as the driving force, new materials in key areas as the breakthrough, as well as taking the transformation of mineral resources into real productive forces as the focus, efforts in investment promotion and capital introduction are increased, aiming at domestic and foreign large enterprise groups, leading enterprises, with the goal of leading the upgrading and development of the new materials industry, building the new materials industry into a booster and accelerator for other related industries.

High-end Chemical Industry

Development of industries such as green chemical industry, fine chemical industry, biochemical industry, new fertilizers, and new energy synthesis, extension of industrial chains such as petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, and salt chemical industry, cultivating the chemical industry into a pillar industry with characteristics of safe and clean, green and low-carbon, intensive gathering, innovative and efficient. The competitiveness of fields such as high-end fertilizers, new coal chemical industry, biochemical industry, polymer materials and energy-saving and environmental protection technologies will be improved through chain investment promotion, enterprise restructuring and strategic cooperation.

Leading Enterprises

Linyi Kaijia Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Linyi Kaijia Foodstuff Co., Ltd., established in April 2006 with a registered capital of RMB 150 million and fixed assets of RMB 1.02 billion, located in Hedong Economic Development Zone of Linyi City. It is a modern large-scale food enterprise integrating pig breeding, slaughtering, production and processing of chilled pork, frozen products and by-products, logistics distribution, storage and sales, which has been identified as a large-scale pig slaughtering and processing enterprise by The People's Government of Linyi. The company is an export processing enterprise registered and filed by the State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province.

Shandong Laike Technology Co., Ltd.

As one of the largest supporting manufacturers in China's automobile industry, Laike has been recommended as the gasoline for new cars using gasoline at the first time and for after-sales service by more than 40 automobile manufacturers such as FAW Group, Dongfeng Group, SAIC Group, CNHTC, Beiqi Foton, JAC, Jinlong Bus, etc.

As the drafting unit of the national standard for motor vehicle brake fluid, Laike took the lead in developing Lake "901" motor vehicle brake fluid, which is renowned in the domestic and overseas automobile oil markets and has a stake in people's lives and property. The Lake "901" series motor vehicle brake fluid reaches 50% of domestic market share.

Shandong Leiwo Axle Box Co., Ltd.

Shandong Leiwo Axle Box Co., Ltd., a large modern new enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, sales and service, with provincial technology center, provincial key laboratory, research and development, test and innovation platform of provincial high-tech enterprises, is the first drafting unit for national standard (tractor) precursor steering bridge and industry standard (large grain harvester bridge box and transmission box). The products are mainly sold to major domestic main engine factories (Lovol Heavy Industry, Luoyang Zhongshou, Changzhou Dongfeng, CLAAS, Deutz, Japan Jiubaotian, Deere, etc.). In 2018, the sales revenue achieved RMB 510 million, profits achieved RMB 13 million, and taxes paid of RMB 11.42 million.

Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (Shandong Lingong), one of the top 50 construction machinery in the world, one of the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry, one of China's three largest exporters of construction machinery, a national high-tech enterprise, a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, mainly engaged in three major series of construction machinery products such as wheel loaders, excavators and pavement construction machinery and core components, including 25 leading models and more than 230 types of products, of which 21 types of products have reached the international advanced level. The market share of loaders ranks first in the industry, export trade volume ranks first in the industry, and comprehensive operation efficiency leads the industry.

Shandong Huaxing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huaxing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1987, with 1800 employees and an annual sales revenue of more than RMB 2 billion, is a large-scale construction machinery component manufacturer in China. Various construction machinery components such as excavators, loaders, and road rollers are its leading products, with an annual output of 80,000 sets. It mainly provide supporting for the world-class famous brands such as Shandong Lingong, Volvo, Liebherr and Manitowoc. At the same time, the products are exported to a number of countries around the globe such as the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc., and are well received by users in the product quality. In 2018, the total industrial output value was RMB 6.04 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 6.5%. The sales revenue achieved RMB 5.95 billion, with profits of RMB 370 million.