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Picture Contents of City Introduction

The Largest Water City in Northern China

Liaocheng is a national historical and cultural city with profound cultural background

Liaocheng is an extremely beautiful water city.

There is Dongchang Lake, the largest lake in city in northern China.

The unique landscape of city and water harmonious integration can be seen in Liaocheng.

Designated City of Multiple Development Strategies

Liaocheng City is the designated city of the development strategies of both the country and Shandong Province.

There is a population of 200 million in Liaocheng, so the market here is vast.

Liaocheng is an important traffic hub city in North China.

Prompt and efficient multi-level transport system in Liaocheng is shaping.

High-tech Industry Developing Rapidly

To promote industrial transformation and upgrading, Liaocheng will deepen implementation of major projects of the new and old kinetic energy conversion.

High-tech industries are developing rapidly.

The application and innovation of new technologies are increasingly extensive.

Management platforms for smart chemical parks are under construction.

Liaocheng's Capital Scale Ranking Top in the Province

The transformation of integrating 31 certifications and licenses into one consolidated business license has been implemented.

The level of "Internet+Government Service" in Liaocheng is at the forefront of the province.

Finance pilot projects of the new rural cooperative have been carried out to cover all areas of the province.

Capital scale ranks first in the province.

Development Advantage

Cultural City, Water City

·Liaocheng is a famous historical and cultural city in China with profound cultural background. The stories of famous books such as Water Margin, The Plum in the Golden Vase and Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio took place in Liaocheng.

·Liaocheng is an extremely beautiful water city, and "water" is the soul of this city. The water area accounts for 1/3 of the city area.

·Dongchang lake in Liaocheng, the largest city in northern China, has a surface area of 6.3 square kilometers.

·The unique ancient city on water in China is located in the middle of the Lake, forming a unique city style with water in the city, city in the water, rivers and lakes connected, and city and water integrated.

Liaocheng City Being Designated City of the Development Strategies of Both the Country and Shandong Province as well as an Important Traffic Hub City in North China, two and a half hours Drive from Beijing

·Liaocheng city has been included in the Central Plains economic region and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development region, and in the development plan of the economic circle of the provincial capital cluster and the western economic uplift belt, becoming a designated city of the development strategies of both the country and Shandong Province.

·Liaocheng is located in a plain area with a population of 200 million within a radius of 300 kilometers and a vast market.

·Liaocheng is an important traffic hub city in North China two and a half hours drive from Beijing and one-hour flight from Jinan International Airport.

·Liaocheng is making every effort to promote major transportation projects, and prompt and efficient multi-level transport system in Liaocheng is shaping.

To build a smart chemical park management platform, Liaocheng Being Deepening Implementation of Major Projects of the New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion and Using a New Generation of Information Technology

·To promote industrial transformation and upgrading, Liaocheng will deepen implementation of major projects of the new and old kinetic energy conversion.

·High-tech industries focusing on new energy vehicles, new chemical materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and bio-medicine are developing rapidly.

·Based on the application and increasingly active innovation of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other new technologies, new economic forms are shaping.

·With the rapid development of information technology services, new types of business and new modes are emerging.

·Luxi Group has built a management platform for smart chemical parks by new generation of information technologies.

The Transformation of Integrating 31 Certifications and Licenses into One Consolidated Business License Implemented, and Finance Pilot Projects of the New Rural Cooperative Carried Out to Cover All Areas of the Province

· In Liaocheng, 1,746 items have been introduced as one-time approval services, and the transformation of integrating 31 certifications and licenses into one consolidated business license has been implemented.

·The level of "Internet+Government Service" in Liaocheng is at the forefront of the province, and the formal operation of municipal public resources trading center has been carried out.

· Finance pilot projects of the new rural cooperative have been carried out to cover all areas of the province, and the first municipal fund of credit enhancement by equity pledge in China has been released.

·A large municipal guarantee company with a registered capital of RMB 1.02 billion has been established, with the capital scale ranking first in the province.

Development Objectives

By 2022, the new and old kinetic energy in Liaocheng City will operate stably and work collaboratively. The new economy will become the new drive supporting the city's development, basically forming a new pattern in which the new kinetic energy will dominate economic development. The economic quality advantage will be significantly enhanced, and Liaocheng will gain remarkable results in the construction of a modern economic system. The "Four-new" economic added value will account for about 1.5 percentage points higher than the average annual rate.

New technologies are accelerating innovation. The ability of scientific and technological innovation will be further strengthened, and the speed of transformation of scientific and technological achievements is continuously accelerating, which will contribute greater to the Liaocheng's economy significantly. The contribution rate of scientific and technological progress has reached 60%, and the proportion of research and development funds from whole society in the GDP has reached 2.7%. The total number of patents authorized in the city will grow by more than 25% annually, with more than 6 valid invention patents per 10,000 people. Every year, there will be more than 20 new national-level high-tech enterprises and more than 10 new provincial-level technological innovation platforms in Liaocheng.

New industries are accelerating development. A number of 10-billion-yuan-scale and 5-billion-yuan-scale leading enterprises will emerge in new economic era, and a great many demonstration bases for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy with perfect function and complete equipment will open. The output value of new and high technology industries will account for over 35% of the industrial output above designated size, and the added value of the new economy will account for an average of 1.5 percentage points of GDP annually.

New business types and new modes are speeding up to emerge. The average annual growth rate of the digital economy will reach more than 15%, the e-commerce application rate of enterprises above designated size will exceed 98%, and the integration development index of industry and information will reach more than 85%. With the rapid development of the sharing economy, the application of big data will definitely become more extensive.

The traditional industries are accelerating transformation and upgrading. The numerical control rate of production equipment in key industries will exceed 60%, the proportion of investment in technological transformation will increase by 2 percentage points per year, the proportion of "three products and one standard" (non-pollution, green, organic foods and geography signs products) certification area in the area of edible agricultural products will increase by 2 percentage points per year, and the proportion of added value of modern service industry in service industry will increase by 1.5 percentage points per year.

The system and mechanism are improving. The policy system for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and the governance system adapted to the requirements of new economic development will keep improving to enhance the governance capability. Intellectual property rights will be strictly protected and the construction of social credit system will be steadily advancing to continuously optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

By 2028, on the 50th anniversary of the reform and opening up, one round of new and old kinetic energy conversion will be basically completed in synchronization with the whole province. The system and mechanism for innovative development will be complete, scientific and standardized, and efficient in operation. The input structure of factors, industrial development structure, urban and rural regional structure, and ownership structure will continue to be optimized. The market is full of vitality with strong development momentum.

Investment Demand

Yanggu Photoelectric Information Industry Park Project

The park will build five high-end cable projects and 13 photoelectric transmission market segments. It plans to build five scientific research platforms, including a national optical communication laboratory, a national wire and cable testing center, a postdoctoral workstation, a postgraduate workstation, and a photoelectric information vocational and technical college. It will also focus on introducing high-end products such as locomotive cables, marine engineering cables, carbon fiber cables, graphene cables, superconducting cables, and photoelectric components to continuously improve the overall competitiveness of Yanggu photoelectric information industry.

The overall planning of Yanggu Photoelectric Information Industry Park has been completed by China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research, with a total planning area of 2150 mu and a total construction area of 260,000 square meters. The park has successfully established academician workstations based on Shandong Yanggu Cable Group and supported by Shandong Pacific Optical Fiber and Cable Co., Ltd. and NEXANS (YANGGU) NEW RIHUI Co., Ltd. A modern communication network has been built in the park with exchange program control and transmission of optical cables. Optical cable communication, digital transmission and Internet are widely used. Power supply, water supply, gas supply, heating, sewage treatment and other supporting facilities in the city are complete, the road traffic network is developed, and the reception service facilities are complete.

In December 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) agreed and approved the request of Yanggu county of Shandong Province to build a "Famous Brand Demonstration Zone of Yanggu Special Photoelectric Cable Industry" based on the existing photoelectric information industry, thus injecting sufficient driving force into the development of Yanggu photoelectric information industry. With the promotion of the national strategy of "the Belt and Road Initiative" and the arrival of 5G communication era, great market opportunities have been brought to the photoelectric cable market.

Jiaming Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project

The project is planned to cover a total area of 500 mu, producing and operating high-tech products such as industrial robots, service robots, industrial 4.0 automated production lines and key equipment, and intelligent equipment of Internet of Things.

Intelligent manufacturing enterprises such as automatic equipment manufacturing companies, robot design and manufacturing companies and intelligent logistics equipment manufacturing companies are introduced into the park. The settled enterprises will provide all-round and attentive service for upgrading the manufacturing industry in Liaocheng: the service scope involves the integration of informatization and digitalization, the intellectualization and networking of equipment, robots for replacing human labor, lean manufacturing and flexible manufacturing, etc.

Liaocheng Jiaming Economic Development Zone is close to the freight yard of Beijing–Kowloon railway and located at the cross of Jiliao Expressway and Deshang Expressway. The road here extends in all directions. Thanks to the favorable traffic conditions, it only takes 90 minutes to drive to Jinan International Airport and four hours to Qingdao Port. The basic facilities of the development zone are complete, and all roads are afforested and equipped with lights.

After the project reaches the production standard, it is estimated that the sales revenue will reach RMB 780 million and the annual tax payment will exceed RMB 40 million.

Project of UAV Production Base of Shandong Zhongyu Aviation Technology Development Co., Ltd.

One base: standardization research and development production base of China's unmanned systems.

Three centers: UAV+smart city "China Aviation Cloud" national service center, UAV+agriculture, forestry and plant protection "zhongyu Tiange" national service center, and the introduction of Beijing Aviation Information Technology Research Institute. The construction of 6,000 square meters of smart workshop and 5,000 square meters of innovative laboratory building for doctors and masters have been completed at the first phase of the project; Big data office building has been delivered in May 2019. The comprehensive building, workshop 1# and innovation base for doctors and masters have been completed and accepted, and outdoor supporting facilities of the first phase have been equipped.  Aerospace Information Technology Center is under construction.

Construction conditions: Project engineering geology, hydrogeology, environmental protection, project site selection and other construction conditions have been evaluated and accepted by a third party organization and are qualified for construction.

Production and operation conditions: The company has successively signed industry-university-research base agreements with several scientific research institutes and has set up cooperative laboratories. Sharing Agreement on Satellite Remote Sensing Information and UAV Near-Earth Information has been signed with a well-known software company. At present, Liaocheng UAV Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Zhongyu Aviation Technology Development Co., Ltd. has 22 research and development technicians (including school-enterprise cooperation) with the title of associate professor or above, and has obtained 8 patents on the invention of engineering unmanned helicopter (core) control system and 8 copyright certificates on operating computer programs. In 2016, oil powered 3D-ZY39 unmanned engineering helicopter and electric powered D-ZY10D engineering multi-rotor aircraft were recognized as international advanced scientific and technological achievements by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The company has been equipped with production and operation conditions in technology and talents.

Key Industries

New Materials Industry At present, Liaocheng has initially formed a number of characteristic industrial clusters of nonferrous, black, chemical and other basic materials, involving a variety of products such as special alloys for high-end equipment, new chemical materials and advanced optical communication materials. By 2022, the output value of new materials industry clusters will strive to exceed RMB 100 billion, accounting for 8% of the total output value of industries above designated size. There will be 5 Chinese well-known trademarks, 10 provincial famous trademarks, and 5 national and 10 provincial enterprise technology centers.

 New Metal Materials Give full play to the technological advantages of Xinfa Group, Xiangguang Copper, CNMC Albetter Albronze Co., Ltd., Shandong Shang Da Rare Earth Material Co.,Ltd., Guanzhou Group and other enterprises, further introduce the advanced technologies, equipment and technologies at home and abroad, and focus on the development of high-performance copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper foil, aluminum foil, NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet, high-purity alumina powder and other high-tech products to help large enterprises and groups strip new material business modules and set up independent business entities for building high-level Xinfa High-tech Materials Industrial Park, CNMC Albetter Albronze Park and other parks.

New Chemical Materials Give full play to Luxi Group's technological advantages, deepen smart and green transformation of key links, production lines, workshops and factories of the enterprise, focus on the development of high-tech products such as polycarbonate, caprolactam nylon 6, nylon 66, MDI, TDI, fluorine materials and polyethylene to build China New Chemical Materials (Liaocheng) Industrial Park at a high level.

New Semiconductors and Communications Materials  Give full play to the technological advantages of Yanggu Cable Group, Chiping Guohong Zhonghuan New Materials Co., Ltd., Guanxian Hengtong Crystal Materials Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, further improve the level of process production, enhance the technological innovation capability of relevant enterprises, and focus on developing high-tech products such as optical fiber cables, optical fiber preforms, silicon carbide crystals, sapphire crystals, etc. Relying on the insurance compensation mechanism and major national projects, we will strengthen the downstream expansion and application of the industrial chain and improve the self-sufficiency rate of upstream basic materials.

High-End Equipment Manufacturing Industry Equipment manufacturing industry is a key industry in Liaocheng city. With years of development, an industry system with complete varieties and supporting facilities has been formed in eight industries such as automobiles, agricultural machinery and bearings. Conforming to the development trend of intelligent, green and service-oriented equipment manufacturing industry, with intelligent manufacturing equipment as the main direction of attack, equipment manufacturing industry will vigorously develop large-scale agricultural equipment, high-end bearings, industrial robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, special complete sets of equipment, electrical appliances and other industries, promote high-tech products and high-end brands, strive to enhance industrial innovation capability and market competitiveness, and build an important high-end equipment manufacturing industrial cluster in the province. By 2022, the output value of high-end equipment manufacturing industry clusters will strive to exceed RMB 100 billion, accounting for 8% of the total output value of industries above designated size. There will be 5 Chinese well-known trademarks, 10 provincial famous trademarks, and 5 national and 10 provincial enterprise technology centers.

Agricultural Equipment Industry Relying on agricultural equipment enterprises such as Shifeng Group, Ruize Zhonggong and Lianyi Zhonggong, agricultural equipment industry will break through key technologies such as navigation and positioning, electro-hydraulic control, power shift and reversing, speed regulation, etc., to improve technological processes such as precision forging, precision casting, automatic stamping, etc.. In addition, agricultural equipment industry will develop new types of equipment such as high-performance grain combine harvesters, new-type corn harvesters, high-performance rice harvesters, forage harvesters, large-scale cotton harvesters, intelligent-control high-performance tractors, plant protection machinery, etc., to build an important national intelligent agricultural equipment industrial base.

High-End Bearing Industry High-end bearing industry will carry out industrial upgrading actions including intensive technological transformation, quality improvement and brand making, focus on breaking through key technologies such as heat treatment, noise control, rotation speed, etc. and apply high-precision and automatic equipment in forging, car processing and other links to improve the production and manufacturing level of the whole industrial chain. Implement cultivation projects of the "Specialized, Sophisticated, Particular and High-Tech" small and medium-sized businesses to build "Hidden Champions" and "Little Giant" enterprises and promote "Champion Enterprises" to become industrial "Army Groups". Promote Linqing Bearing, Donge Steel Ball, Dongchangfu Bearing Cage and other enterprises for manufacturing related parts to cooperate closely and develop harmoniously. Linqing will be supported to create a well-known brand demonstration zone for the special bearing industry nationwide and to build a high-level bearing industrial park in Yandian and China (Zhengjia) bearing cage industrial park. By 2022, we will strive to build the largest, the most functional and world-renowned "China Bearing Trade City" and "China Bearing Industry City".

Industrial Robot Industry Relying on Nobot Intelligent Equipment, Xintai Machine Tool and other enterprises, we will focus on breaking through the precise and intelligent-control technology and carrying out research on core technologies such as system integration, design, manufacturing, test and inspection to strengthen stamping robots, develop robots in welding, assembly, spray painting, hot forging and other fields, and create more accurate, intelligent and efficient series of products.

Leading Enterprises

Shandong Green Light Line Cable Co., Ltd.

Shandong Green Light Line Cable Co., Ltd., a large-scale private enterprise that rapidly rises in the industry depending on excellent product quality, was founded in 2002, engaged in the research, production and operation of high-tech wires and cables. The enterprise is located in the green light industrial and mining area of Yanggu, Shandong, with fixed assets of RMB 200 million and an area of 180,000 square meters. The products cover various high-tech products of high voltage, low voltage, special type, rubber sleeve and other wires and cables, with an annual output value of RMB 900 million and a profit and tax of RMB 65 million. There are 320 high-quality employees, 46 of whom are engineers and senior engineers. The enterprise implements strict semi-military management. It has 30 modern wire and cable production lines and 20 sets of partial discharge high-voltage detection equipment. It has been relying on advanced production equipment, excellent management and technical personnel and perfect testing methods.

Shandong Xiangrui Tongcai Co., Ltd.

Shandong Xiangrui Tongcai Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Xiangguang Group Co., Ltd. It is located in Shandong Yanggu Xiangguang National Eco-industrial Demonstration Park, at the junction of Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces, with advantageous geographical location and developed transportation. The company, with an area of more than 200 acres, a registered capital of RMB 226.32 million and a total investment of RMB 1.6 billion, is listed as a key construction project in Shandong Province. It is one of the most advanced copper deep processing enterprises in China, with the largest single copper billet production line in the world, an annual output of 320,000 tons of copper conductors and overhead conductors for electrified railways. Adhering to the development tenet of "Create core competitiveness through scientific and technological innovation; Open up global markets through high-quality products", the company continuously introduces and absorbs advanced technology and management experience to create a high-quality workforce, striving to build the brand of "Xiangrui" into a high-quality brand in the copper processing industry and provide high-quality products and services for merchants at home and abroad.