Rehabilitation Auxiliary Tools R & D Production Project

时间:2019-11-29 21:14

Project Industry Foundation (or Project Background):
At present, the supporting facilities in Yiyang park are perfect, and "seven connections and one leveling" have been realized.Tengkaiyuan mingdu hotel, the only five-star garden-style and classical hotel in China, has been put into use.Bus station, logistics park, hospitals, schools, Banks and so on.For countries and Tai'an City the related industry development policy opportunities, further the health industry in zhuhai, actively explore a new development mode of instrument Yang street agency, mainly around the disabled life care, rehabilitation evaluation, rehabilitation training and so on society are in urgent need of research direction, research and development for our country human characteristics and living custom of assistive devices for rehabilitation widespread implementation rehabilitation is also the localization of the product, provide patients with more efficient intelligent manufacturing, more precision products and more quality services.
Plan with a total investment of 8 billion yuan, planning the total area of 1500 mu, main construction office building, research and development base, product promotion and so on many functional partition, mainly geared to the needs of the disabled equipment research and development, production and sales of project or the enterprise investment, the main research and development including mobile, life, information, training, education, employment, entertainment and Others auxiliary equipment. Including project construction site, total investment, main construction content, construction scale, construction projects and facilities, etc
Market Potential (or Benefit Analysis):
After the project is completed and put into full use, it is expected to achieve sales revenue of 12 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 800 million yuan, increase employment of more than 6,000 people, investment payback period of 5 years.
Investment Promotion Direction:
auxiliary appliance
Project Contact \Contact number:
Li Bo    13561750338    13561750338